Discmania Special Blend S-Line Cloud Breaker - Eagle McMahon Creator Series

Color: Light Purple
Weight: 175
Sale price$25.99
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About the Discmania Cloud Breaker

An icon amongst Discmania throwers, the Cloud Breaker (formerly known as the DD3, which is now its own mold) is an overstable long distance driver used by PDGA professional Eagle McMahon for confident distance. At higher speeds, the Cloud Breaker is ideal for shot shaping and distance lines, whereas newer players can utilize the Discmania Cloud Breaker for headwind shots where a reliably strong fade is needed. This disc is great for both backhand and forehand shots, so grab yours today and break the ceiling within your driving distance.

About Discmania Special Blend S-Line plastic

S-Line plastic from Discmania is a go-to for all manners of weather. This plastic can take a beating before it starts to throw like it. Discs made in S-Line plastic are delightfully grippy. This Special Blend of S-Line plastic is designed to feel soft in the hand while still being durable enough to be thrown with confidence time after time. With the subtle hints of variety in the color, no two will look the exact same, making for a unique disc every time.

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