Axiom Cosmic Electron Soft Proxy - Lab Second

Color: Green Yellow & Turqoise
Rim Color: Yellow
Weight: 174
Sale price$13.99


About the Axiom Proxy

The Proxy from Axiom is a straight, stable putt and approach disc that shares DNA with the Envy. Boasting the same low profile as the the Envy and similarly comfortable grip, the Proxy is slightly more stable with a remarkably forward finish. With a small amount of high speed turn potential, the Proxy is easily manipulated for a broad range of shot shapes and is excellent for less powerful arms looking to achieve straighter drives with a putter.

About Axiom Cosmic Electron Soft Plastic

Cosmic Electron Soft is the out of this world Cosmic version of Electron Soft plastic. Multi-core injection technology provides an array of core colors in this plastic

About The Axiom Cosmic Electron Soft Proxy - Lab Second From Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop

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