Discraft Z Metallic Avenger SS - Ledgestone 2022

Color: Green
Weight: 174
Sale price$35.00
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The Discraft Avenger SS is based on the popular (but now out of production) Avenger mold. The Avenger SS is a relatively slow distance driver with a narrow rim and reliable understability, making it a great way for newer players to try out their first distance driver. Newer players will find the Avenger SS to fly straight and provide controllable distance. Even better, with increased arm speed and experience, players will find the Avenger SS to be an unbeatable roller disc. That is probably why Paul McBeth chooses the Avenger SS as his roller disc - and we hear he knows a thing or two about disc golf.

Discraft's LE Z Metallic plastic was originally used for 2021 Tour Series, but now Ledgestone is putting it to use. Z Metallic is translucent, grippy, super durable, and shiny.

Stability Rating: 0.5

*All discs are max weight. Pick your color and let it fly!

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