Discraft Special Blend Z Swirl Buzzz - Major Champions Stamp

Color: Light Pink
Sale price$35.00


About the Discraft Buzzz

The Buzzz from Discraft is one of the most popular stable mid ranges on the market, and for good reason. The Buzzz is the reliable mid range for all levels of play, and loves to hold the line. Big arms will love the reliably pure lines on hyzer, anhyzer, and when thrown flat, while the developing arm speeds will see predictable fade toward the end of flight. See for yourself why the Buzz is so highly valued by players of all levels.

About Z Swirl Plastic

Z plastic is one of the most popular plastic blends from Discraft. The Z Swirl blend is a aesthetically pleasing and formulated for durability, as discs in this plastic retain their flight path for a long time. This plastic combines high performance and durability with swirly colors for plastic that throws as good as it looks.


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