Innova has released the Hawkeye as a production disc and players are excited. First released as a Tour series disc for Hailey King in Halo plastic, disc golfers really were ecstatic about the Hawkeye. Finally, Innova answered the prayers of disc golfers everywhere and released the Champion, Star, and G-Star plastics for the Hawkeye.

     Despite 7 speed and 5 glide, the Hawkeye flies further than the numbers say. I found that the Hawkeye can definitely match the distance of most 8 and 9 speeds out there. With -1 stability and 1 fade, this is neutral flying fairway driver that will find its way into every player’s bag.

     The Hawkeye in the Halo plastic was very neutral, especially for players with bigger arms. The Halo Hawkeye will fly very similar to what the Champion Hawkeye will fly like. The players will higher arm speeds should be looking for the Champion Hawkeye, as it has more torque resistance than Star and G-Star plastics.

     The Star Hawkeye will fly very straight for players throwing around 300 feet or more, as that plastic throws a little less stable than the Champion plastic. The G-Star Hawkeye will fly very neutral for those throwing around 250-300 feet, as G-Star tends to be more under-stable that both Star and Champion.

      The Hawkeye can fill the straight fairway driver gap in any player’s bag, whether the player throws 200 feet to 500 feet. Showing similarities to the Disc Mania FD, the Hawkeye adds more plastic and weight options. All players will love their Hawkeye as it will enhance your game significantly.

              STAR                         CHAMPION                    G-STAR